Rigorous quality control is continuously in place at different level of manufacturing. We ensure that all the products pass through stringent quality check. To maintain the consistency in quality, even after sales & service, is our main motto.
We have earned testing certificates for every critical process.


We have a sound infrastructure with sophisticated machineries and equipments to ensure our products quality.
Our dedicated professional staff helps in manufacturing and meeting our client’s expectations.
We have designed our infrastructure to accommodate multifolds of production with quality and standards.


Our core strength is Our Work Force. Our dedicated and trained workforce drives most advance machinery & technology more effeciently. Our innovations are based on our client's need. Our staff is involved in brainstorming to the execution of the product.
As a team, we are known for our understanding, design, production and bringing out quality and unique products.

Research & Development:

One of our strength is our R & D division. Our dedicated research and experimentation helps us to be on the edge of technology & industry standards.

  • Prices of raw material are based on an ascending basis.
  • All compounds are based on ASTM Specifications & Standards.
    • Viton is the registered Trade Name of M/s. EIDUPONT

Our Compounds are tested to the following specification:-


  • D395 - Compression Set % value.
  • D412 - Test methods for vulcanized rubber – Tension
  • D429 - Adhesion to Rigid Substrates
  • D471 - Effect of Liquids
  • D573 - Deterioration in an Air Ageing Oven
  • D575 - Test Methods for Rubber properties in Compression
  • D2137 - Brittleness Point of Flexible Polymer & Coated Fabrics
  • D2240 - Durometer Hardness °A
  • FTIR - Furior Transform Infrared Spectro Photometer Rheograph of Compounds used.